Times have been really hard. Not leaving the house for almost a year, having the same routine every day, attending classes and working in our pajamas, and not being able to meet our friends have really taken a toll on us. This feels far worse when it gets closer to our birthday. Birthdays are supposed to be celebrated and enjoyed.

For kids, this is exceptionally hard, for they are not used to spending birthdays stuck at home. Even if there is no celebration, parents take them out for dinner or a movie and this makes their birthdays really happy. This year all possibility of birthday celebration might seem impossible. But we have got a perfect solution, one which will be fun yet safe.

Virtual birthday party!
A virtual birthday party is celebrated online via video conferencing services like Zoom, Google meet, etc. This birthday party ensures social distancing and safety from the virus.

Here are a few reasons why we should celebrate moon pies next birthday virtually.

1. Safety first

Now that quarantine is being eased, you might feel tempted to throw them an actual birthday party with just close family and friends. But having a virtual celebration is far better since you can invite a lot of people and also stay safe. Coronavirus is highly dangerous and one can never know who has caught the virus until they start seeing the symptoms, which is 14 days of the incubation period. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Have a virtual party and also tell your kids why it has to happen this way.

2. They deserve the celebration

The Covid-19 season has made virtual classes, celebrations, and events so much popular. If you’re thinking that this year, you are not going to celebrate your child’s birthday that is fine, but the happiness a tiny little celebration can bring to your child is irreplaceable. Especially during these hard times where they have to stay away from school, friends, and playtime.
Little Monks PlayLab offers a wide variety of themed virtual birthday parties, ranging from superheroes, power rangers, space themes, carnivals, and many more, for the munchkins. This helps take the stress of planning a fun party off your shoulders.

3. An engaging activity

Planning a virtual birthday party is pretty simple. You can set up a background and plan out games to play. We provide a lot of fun and educating activities that make birthday celebrations twice as fun. Now you might be thinking, you will have to gather the materials for the activities. Worry not, we are here to make this celebration hassle-free.
We will be sending kits, consisting of all the goodies you will need for the virtual party. All you need to do is send us the information of the children attending the party and the kits will be delivered to their doorsteps.

4. Distance is not an excuse

Having a virtual birthday party would mean that you can invite your friends and relatives who live a long distance from you. A virtual party would mean all your loved ones can attend the celebration no matter how far they live.

5. Less expensive

Unlike throwing an actual party, virtual birthday party’s are less expensive and more convenient as well. You wouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure out a theme, or activities. All you’ve got to do is contact us and we will plan an amazing party for the child. Plus, you can spend the extra money you’d usually spend on parties.

The bottom line is that, until the risk of covid-19 persists, it is always better to maintain social distancing. Not just birthday parties, but all kinds of gatherings could be virtual for the time being. For your child’s next birthday don’t forget to make it extra special by booking an online birthday party with the Little Monks PlayLab and we will make it unforgettable. Super excited!!

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