This year has made us take our time to get adjusted to many aspects of the new normal, from the limited social gatherings to how to be extremely cautious when going out. (Whatever might be the way we go about it, we have always kept the safety of our kids to be paramount in these cases, as they can be very susceptible to any issues that can be brought upon them.) *the part in the brackets can be omitted if we want to cut to the chase*

With online classes and virtual adventure sessions, their learnings have been taken care of quite well and through these methods they are able to beat the lockdown blues adequately – but they still want to enjoy that one special day of the year, without fail! Yes, you got that right, we are talking about their beloved birthdays. 

Now, we adults have somehow managed to get by with celebrating simply, but why should our kids have to compromise on their happiness – especially, when they can have all the fun with their virtual birthday celebrations. It is actually a no brainer that virtual birthdays are the way to go when compared to the “offline birthdays” that can be managed these days. Below are some ways in which these virtual events are in fact a very enjoyable way to make the most of your child’s birthday.

Everyone’s Invited!

First off, for many folks living in bigger cities, it is very difficult to manifest getting all the friends that your kids want to enjoy their day with – to actually attend the birthdays. Most of them could be in other places or even maybe restricted by their parents to move out much.

In this case, with the Little Monks Playlab birthday setup, everyone that your young one could wish for, can grace the event live!

More People, Yet No Stress For You!

Even if we had the option of celebrating these specially planned eves for our children, preparing according to the head count and running for the errands accordingly, can be quite a hectic job.

However, in this lockdown life – you don’t need to stress about the management of these tasks, it’s on us to ensure that it’s a blast for everyone present, we’re pretty good at it too!

We Take Fun Very Seriously

When it comes to keeping kids entertained, it requires the kind of activities that will keep them on their toes all the time. We love to keep these creative minds busy with loads of interactive play times, musical activities and shake a leg while they’re at it too.

You don’t have to worry for a single bit, your kid will be so into it – they’ll barely realise they’re on a virtual celebration.

Big Party, Small Costs

The last feature, which definitely is not the least, is ensuring that our offering doesn’t set you back on the funds much. Our preparations and the activities that we have planned, are optimised in a way that you do not have to worry about each and every prep cost.

We kept the design of the events simple enough, so that anyone who wants their kids to enjoy their birthday eve celebrations, can do so in no time at affordable prices.

If you liked that idea as much as we enjoyed preparing it for the kiddies, then reach out to us and let’s discuss the details further

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