2020 was a year that everybody looked forward to. Beginning of a new decade and we had all planned so many things this year. But the universe had a whole different idea. Worry not, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and 2020 is finally over. Now we have high hopes for 2021 and we also hope this year will be a redemption for the previous year. Fingers crossed.

To get back into your productive daily routines and start the year off perfectly for you and your kids we have some tips for you.

Create a plan beforehand

Slacking away is not going to work in 2021. We already got all the rest we could get in 2020 and now it’s finally time to take matters into our hands. Priority should be given to our children’s education. Being stuck at home for an infinite amount of time and plenty of free time might have created a dent in their schedules. They might have gotten used to lounging around and might have fallen behind on their syllabi. Create a plan on how you’re going to get them back on track. Waking up early and getting ready for school might be difficult for them when schools finally reopen. So get them back to the old schedule now itself. Also, make sure they are up to date in their lessons.

Plan out fun events

Indulge your kids in fun, educating activities that could keep their brain and body active and working. Little Monks Playlab has conducted plenty of workshops during this pandemic including birthday parties, Halloween workshops where we shared spooky stories. The most amazing workshop was the Christmas workshop where we learned to make Santa Claus in different ways. These workshops help to keep the kids active, imaginative, and learn in a fun way.


This year, make sure that none of your family creates a resolution they wouldn’t stick to. Start the resolution off with something fun and something you will finish. For instance, make sure your child reads at least one page from a book every day. Remind them to read at least one page of a book every day before bed. Make sure you help them read difficult words and tell them what they mean.
This could help form a habit of reading and sometimes curiosity would get hold of them and they may read more than one page*wink, wink*

Getting active

2021 must be seen as a year where your child will get more active and get their blood pumping. Find some workouts that could help with this, yet is fun. It might seem impossible to find such activities, but the reality is that there are such workouts. For instance, ask your child if they would like to learn dancing or swimming, or any form of martial arts. You can also try playing outdoor sports such as badminton along with them as an engaging family activity.

Environment-friendly living

Recent times have proven that it is highly necessary to live a sustainable life. Change in climate, melting glaciers, and forest fires are all pointing in the same direction, human beings better start being more sustainable or find another planet, because Earth sure has had enough of us misbehaving. This year let’s teach the next generation to live a more sustainable and environment-friendly life so as to save our planet.

Let this new year be one where you teach your kids about making decisions and changes for a more successful and happier life. It might be hard for them to get used to this monotonous lifestyle. Engaging them in activities that will help their brain development is highly necessary.

Little Monks Playlab conducts plenty of workshops that teach children how important it is to do things they love to be happier. These are workshops that can make their future brighter than the Sun and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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