Keep your kids fit: Winter edition

We often get this realization that our parents and grandparents especially didn’t get tired as early as we do. They didn’t suffer from backaches or muscle pains in their adult life. Why does that happen to us?
Most of us lead a very dull life with no involvement of physical activity in our day. It is bound to make us weaker than we should be according to our age. We’re not even getting pure nutrition as they did, given the degraded quality of food and heightened interest in the junk.
Somehow, we’re coping with it but do you want your kids to deal with the same thing?
Obviously, not!
It has become really necessary for us to make sure they indulge in physical activity and stay fit. They should work on their stamina before they grow up. It’ll not only make them active but will also keep them healthy against diseases.

Yes, I agree that it’s cold outside and it gets dark early. We all feel like hibernating in our beds. But, it’s certainly possible for your kids to step outside for a while and engage in some physical activity.
Dress them up in layers, caps, gloves, and boots, and send them out only when they’re fully covered.
We at Little Monks PlayLab, make sure to include physical activity in the sessions from time to time. It’s time to bring it into your kid’s routine at home as well.
We have great ideas for you to keep your kids up and running, even in the current scenario.
  • Go for a walk or a jog

Not only will it be a great physical activity, but it’ll also keep them warm. Be sure to wear a mask and carry a sanitizer at all times.

  • Chase bubbles 

If it’s cold enough, they will freeze.

  • Go to a playground

Endless games can be played on grounds and parks irrespective of the weather. A point to remember here would be to refrain from touching things and follow proper sanitization after the playing session.

And if not that, you can always avail yourself of our expert-curated home workout playlists, exclusively for kids.

However, if you want to make exercising a part of the kids’ lifestyle, enrolling them in a class is a great option. This way, they’ll not only be fit but will also learn the sport and get great at it.

There are numerous classes available for every sport or general fitness as well. Be it yoga, gymnastics, dance, swimming, or soccer, you’ll find a great class for your kid easily.

But, going out to such places is a risk these days, owing to the Coronavirus.

How great would it be if your kids could indulge in such classes without stepping out? Well, that’s an option too. 

Looking for great physical exposure for your kid to keep them fit?

Little Monks PlayLab is at your disposal, yet again.

Look out for our upcoming fitness classes for your kids and let them be a part of it from the cozy ambiance of your home itself.

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