As parents, we often have the dilemma of whether what we wish for our kids is the best for them, or are we just burdening them with our own expectations. Even when comparisons with other kids come into the picture, the academic and physical performances are the only factors that get considered – and that can affect your child’s self – esteem quite badly. And quite honestly, this esteem is a very crucial development that helps their growth in many aspects of life.

Instead, if you learn to effectively communicate with your children, you can be a key factor in motivating them for all milestones in life. 

Coming back to the premise, when you go about learning the unique ways in which you can teach kids things, whilst upholding their morale – that’s when measuring your kid’s success won’t make them feel discouraged.

Here are some ways how –

Always encourage

When kids feel that everything they do is taken for granted and judged, their will to perform better is riddled with pressure. 

They are still learning, at school, at home, in society, they’re learning how to function with responsibilities – and that itself is something you should let be ignored.

Always encourage the right habits, even if it is thanking when receiving a gift from a guest, or apologising when they commit an error, helping their friends with little tasks. Inculcating this habit will make them realize that their efforts are always appreciated. 

But also, do not discourage them when they fail at achieving a certain grade or lose some competition -this way the communication itself will make them want to try harder and receive the admiration that they crave for.

It’s all about the add-itude

Our young ones have their whole lives ahead of themselves to witness many wins and failures, but when they learn to be grateful – you ensure that they stay motivated on their own.

In that, when they are grieving over some low scores, indulge them in their favourite sport or some art – to reinstate to themselves that their worth is more than a single bad time. 

This will make them understand what they are actually good at and where their actual interests lie, this gratitude for their own worth always makes them thrive for what they wish to become.

Never stop loving them

Sounds pretty vague, but as parents, we often forget that we are the biggest cheer factor our kiddies have in their lives. And we are human too, and it is natural that we set our expectations in override sometimes. And we often turn to tough love in those times.

It might sound harsh, but these negative ways of raising our little ones, really need to be left in the past. We can never withhold our affection towards our kids, period. Even sometimes when we feel they could’ve been better – in their behavior or academic performance; cutting off from them is only going to lead them into a state of frustration and sadness.

And it’s in these trying times, when you take a deep breath, be the guiding figure – and communicate with them, almost always it will help them in learning their lesson and working on it better.

Hope you liked this post as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.

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