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Hey! Let’s collaborate and make learning fun for the children!

Are you a school owner or manager looking to attract more parents when the session begins or on an important day like an annual day? or
Are you an educational institute that wants to host a science event at a school to deepen your network? We can help.

We here at Little Monks PlayLab, spice up learning. Our team of experts can put up a show for kids and gave them hands-on experience on varied themes. We offer after school kids classes and workshops focussing on a wholesome set of intellect, motor skill, and concentration development, all in fun and innovative ways.

To reach out to a broader spectrum of children, We will come to your location to conduct events on mindfulness and science (location should be based in Delhi only).
The events will have theme fun based for the children of age 3 to 10 years.

We are open to work with

1. Educational Institutes

We provide workshops for children after classes. There will be a minimum requirement of 20 children and an appropriate place to accommodate the available number of children.

2. Corporates

Say you are organising events for your employees,while you take care of the elders we are here to look after the little ones. We will organise fun events for the little ones,while you can handle the bigger event.
We would require a minimum of 10 children and a suitable place for the given amount of children.

3. Play areas

We organise theme based birthday parties which ensures learning while the children enjoy their birthday party with certain scientific fun activities.

4. Residential societies

If you are planning to organise any event for the children in your society,we are here to take off the load from your shoulders. We can plan events that will guarantee thrilling fun to the kids while they absolutely grow. We will require a minimum of 20 children and a suitable place to organise the event.

So, What can you expect from the events we organise?

Each of our programs are designed by experts from local and international platform with 10+ years of research. Our motto is to make children learn without any pressure and instead with thrilling fun.

We have divided our attention to three segments, namely,

1. Fitness

A child with gross motor skills can perform basic activities with accuracy, thus a fundamental theme for growth. It includes several physical activities.

2. Mindfulness

It is common for a child to lose focus,this program is designed to help kids increase their concentration. The activities include yoga, story telling and training children ways to express their emotions.

3. S.T.E.A.M

Analytical and critical thinking are the few basic strategies to a smarter mind. This program focuses on developing intellectual thinking ability of a child. It includes experiment based science activities.
Adding to these three segments,we have another provision.

Social media is the new mantra of marketing. To encourage mutual growth and further relations, we are open to discuss on social media collaboration and cross promotions.

We look forward to pleasant timely business and making learning the new hobby for contented children. If you wish to explore more about our school visit program Enquire Now.

You can call us at +919667693930 and speak to our communication manager Anshu or you can email us at hello@littlemonksplaylab.com
as well.

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