10 steps to teaching your child gratitude

10 steps to teaching your child gratitude

Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy, and successful. While there are no proven ways to ensure all these, studies show that grateful children tend to be happier, healthier, and more successful. This means that instilling gratitude in your children from a young age is going to make them happy in the present and hopeful for the future. The only way to teach gratitude to your kids is by practicing it. This holds true for any other virtue but holds more importance in the case of teaching gratitude.

But, how do you practice gratitude?

1.”Thank you”

We have all been in a situation where we give a child something and one of their parents immediately tells the child to say ‘Thank you’. This might seem forceful, but this is the first step to teaching your young ones to be thankful for something they have received. This will help your child form a habit and once they learn to recognize any acts of kindness, may it be tangible or intangible, they will start to thank people on their own. 

Do not forget to appreciate them when they show gratitude without you prompting them.

2. Begin with yourself

As adults, we often miss out on expressing gratitude believing that understanding is good enough to express thankfulness. And what we miss as parents is what kids will miss in their soup of goodness. 

Be a model for your child and show gratitude for every act of kindness that comes your way. Do not let questions like “Why didn’t dad thank the security guard when he opened the door for us?” arise in their little brain. Also showing gratitude to your child is only going to work in your favor. A simple “Thank you for finishing your chore” will help you teach them gratefulness.

3. Roleplay and games

Who does not love roleplay with kids? A simple activity where one can become the magic tree that will only fulfill wishes when accompanied by a sense of gratitude. Make sure to use this opportunity to teach your kids to use please and thank you. Put your creative hat on and make the rules to this game to suit your parenting.

4. Daily gratitude

Once your child learns to show gratitude without prompts, provoking them to dig deeper will help instill gratitude. Asking questions every day, like “What are the five things that happened today that you are thankful for?” or “What did you feel when you received the gift from grandma today?” will help them find gratitude within. 

It is also important to be grateful for yourself. Make sure you also help them appreciate parts of themselves.

5. Action speaks louder

Most of you might believe in something called Karma and would have a definition of your own for the same. Teaching your kids that a return gift or favor will always make the person on the other end, feel appreciated and in turn make oneself feel appreciated. Teaching them to speak through actions will always be a great addition to their character. 

Next time your child brings you something, make sure to thank them and give them a kiss on their cheek. This could be the initial step to teaching them about returning gifts or favors.

6. Visual experience

Take them to a place where hard realities can be experienced first hand. Like a school for the visually challenged, or an orphanage. Tell them right from the beginning that what life holds for some and how we are fortunate and how they are special in their own ways. 

While you do this, make sure you never compare… just let them know, each one is special in their own ways and we should be thankful for what we have.

7. “Why?”

Children tend to be curious about the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of the world. Parents must always remember to answer their questions with clarity if you want them to follow something on their own. Once your child learns that saying thank you and being grateful is the best way to appreciate something, they will surely show gratitude.

8. Reading stories

If your kids are still members of the fantastic fantasyland and love to hear stories, then you are in luck. You can induce thankfulness and gratitude with the right stories. Sometimes even good cartoons can help.

9. Rituals

Kids love to stick to rituals. It’s embedded in humans but is most prevalent in kids. Ask them to complete a task filled with gratitude every day and reward them with something small. Do not make the reward big as that may encourage greed. Try if you can do it just with encouragement and not something of value. 

Some simple rituals can be feeding birds, saying hello to neighbors, thanking before meals, praying each day, and many more.

10. During the hard times

As your child grows up, life gets harder and they might find it hard to find things to be grateful for. In such circumstances, it is necessary to find the silver lining. This might seem hard to accomplish, but it is not impossible. Begin the process of teaching this by asking them questions about what came out of the situation, what they learned from it, and how they will come out of it. 

Remember, before asking your child to look at the bright side, allow them time to accept the situation and understand it better.

Teaching gratitude to children is a difficult process and there might also be times when your child is ungrateful, this does not mean that you have failed to teach them gratitude. It is something your child has to experiment with and learn on their own. It is not just about saying thank you for a formality, but also about feeling grateful for the tiniest of the things like a happy moment or the food they eat. These are qualities your child will adapt from you, and as a parent, you need to teach your children the concept of gratefulness, a path towards happy living. 

As said, the first step is to practice yourself, so go ahead, and if you liked this post express your love and thankfulness by sharing it with other parents who would need it. After all, we are all in this together.

Thank you for helping in making this world a better place.

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Why should you throw a virtual birthday party for your child?

Why should you throw a virtual birthday party for your child?

Times have been really hard. Not leaving the house for almost a year, having the same routine every day, attending classes and working in our pajamas, and not being able to meet our friends have really taken a toll on us. This feels far worse when it gets closer to our birthday. Birthdays are supposed to be celebrated and enjoyed.

For kids, this is exceptionally hard, for they are not used to spending birthdays stuck at home. Even if there is no celebration, parents take them out for dinner or a movie and this makes their birthdays really happy. This year all possibility of birthday celebration might seem impossible. But we have got a perfect solution, one which will be fun yet safe.

Virtual birthday party!
A virtual birthday party is celebrated online via video conferencing services like Zoom, Google meet, etc. This birthday party ensures social distancing and safety from the virus.

Here are a few reasons why we should celebrate moon pies next birthday virtually.

1. Safety first

Now that quarantine is being eased, you might feel tempted to throw them an actual birthday party with just close family and friends. But having a virtual celebration is far better since you can invite a lot of people and also stay safe. Coronavirus is highly dangerous and one can never know who has caught the virus until they start seeing the symptoms, which is 14 days of the incubation period. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Have a virtual party and also tell your kids why it has to happen this way.

2. They deserve the celebration

The Covid-19 season has made virtual classes, celebrations, and events so much popular. If you’re thinking that this year, you are not going to celebrate your child’s birthday that is fine, but the happiness a tiny little celebration can bring to your child is irreplaceable. Especially during these hard times where they have to stay away from school, friends, and playtime.
Little Monks PlayLab offers a wide variety of themed virtual birthday parties, ranging from superheroes, power rangers, space themes, carnivals, and many more, for the munchkins. This helps take the stress of planning a fun party off your shoulders.

3. An engaging activity

Planning a virtual birthday party is pretty simple. You can set up a background and plan out games to play. We provide a lot of fun and educating activities that make birthday celebrations twice as fun. Now you might be thinking, you will have to gather the materials for the activities. Worry not, we are here to make this celebration hassle-free.
We will be sending kits, consisting of all the goodies you will need for the virtual party. All you need to do is send us the information of the children attending the party and the kits will be delivered to their doorsteps.

4. Distance is not an excuse

Having a virtual birthday party would mean that you can invite your friends and relatives who live a long distance from you. A virtual party would mean all your loved ones can attend the celebration no matter how far they live.

5. Less expensive

Unlike throwing an actual party, virtual birthday party’s are less expensive and more convenient as well. You wouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure out a theme, or activities. All you’ve got to do is contact us and we will plan an amazing party for the child. Plus, you can spend the extra money you’d usually spend on parties.

The bottom line is that, until the risk of covid-19 persists, it is always better to maintain social distancing. Not just birthday parties, but all kinds of gatherings could be virtual for the time being. For your child’s next birthday don’t forget to make it extra special by booking an online birthday party with the Little Monks PlayLab and we will make it unforgettable. Super excited!!

Little Monks PlayLab

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How to Keep Kids Active in the Winter?

How to Keep Kids Active in the Winter?

Keep your kids fit: Winter edition

We often get this realization that our parents and grandparents especially didn’t get tired as early as we do. They didn’t suffer from backaches or muscle pains in their adult life. Why does that happen to us?
Most of us lead a very dull life with no involvement of physical activity in our day. It is bound to make us weaker than we should be according to our age. We’re not even getting pure nutrition as they did, given the degraded quality of food and heightened interest in the junk.
Somehow, we’re coping with it but do you want your kids to deal with the same thing?
Obviously, not!
It has become really necessary for us to make sure they indulge in physical activity and stay fit. They should work on their stamina before they grow up. It’ll not only make them active but will also keep them healthy against diseases.

Yes, I agree that it’s cold outside and it gets dark early. We all feel like hibernating in our beds. But, it’s certainly possible for your kids to step outside for a while and engage in some physical activity.
Dress them up in layers, caps, gloves, and boots, and send them out only when they’re fully covered.
We at Little Monks PlayLab, make sure to include physical activity in the sessions from time to time. It’s time to bring it into your kid’s routine at home as well.
We have great ideas for you to keep your kids up and running, even in the current scenario.
  • Go for a walk or a jog

Not only will it be a great physical activity, but it’ll also keep them warm. Be sure to wear a mask and carry a sanitizer at all times.

  • Chase bubbles 

If it’s cold enough, they will freeze.

  • Go to a playground

Endless games can be played on grounds and parks irrespective of the weather. A point to remember here would be to refrain from touching things and follow proper sanitization after the playing session.

And if not that, you can always avail yourself of our expert-curated home workout playlists, exclusively for kids.

However, if you want to make exercising a part of the kids’ lifestyle, enrolling them in a class is a great option. This way, they’ll not only be fit but will also learn the sport and get great at it.

There are numerous classes available for every sport or general fitness as well. Be it yoga, gymnastics, dance, swimming, or soccer, you’ll find a great class for your kid easily.

But, going out to such places is a risk these days, owing to the Coronavirus.

How great would it be if your kids could indulge in such classes without stepping out? Well, that’s an option too. 

Looking for great physical exposure for your kid to keep them fit?

Little Monks PlayLab is at your disposal, yet again.

Look out for our upcoming fitness classes for your kids and let them be a part of it from the cozy ambiance of your home itself.

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How to start the new year, the right way

How to start the new year, the right way

2020 was a year that everybody looked forward to. Beginning of a new decade and we had all planned so many things this year. But the universe had a whole different idea. Worry not, there is always light at the end of the tunnel and 2020 is finally over. Now we have high hopes for 2021 and we also hope this year will be a redemption for the previous year. Fingers crossed.

To get back into your productive daily routines and start the year off perfectly for you and your kids we have some tips for you.

Create a plan beforehand

Slacking away is not going to work in 2021. We already got all the rest we could get in 2020 and now it’s finally time to take matters into our hands. Priority should be given to our children’s education. Being stuck at home for an infinite amount of time and plenty of free time might have created a dent in their schedules. They might have gotten used to lounging around and might have fallen behind on their syllabi. Create a plan on how you’re going to get them back on track. Waking up early and getting ready for school might be difficult for them when schools finally reopen. So get them back to the old schedule now itself. Also, make sure they are up to date in their lessons.

Plan out fun events

Indulge your kids in fun, educating activities that could keep their brain and body active and working. Little Monks Playlab has conducted plenty of workshops during this pandemic including birthday parties, Halloween workshops where we shared spooky stories. The most amazing workshop was the Christmas workshop where we learned to make Santa Claus in different ways. These workshops help to keep the kids active, imaginative, and learn in a fun way.


This year, make sure that none of your family creates a resolution they wouldn’t stick to. Start the resolution off with something fun and something you will finish. For instance, make sure your child reads at least one page from a book every day. Remind them to read at least one page of a book every day before bed. Make sure you help them read difficult words and tell them what they mean.
This could help form a habit of reading and sometimes curiosity would get hold of them and they may read more than one page*wink, wink*

Getting active

2021 must be seen as a year where your child will get more active and get their blood pumping. Find some workouts that could help with this, yet is fun. It might seem impossible to find such activities, but the reality is that there are such workouts. For instance, ask your child if they would like to learn dancing or swimming, or any form of martial arts. You can also try playing outdoor sports such as badminton along with them as an engaging family activity.

Environment-friendly living

Recent times have proven that it is highly necessary to live a sustainable life. Change in climate, melting glaciers, and forest fires are all pointing in the same direction, human beings better start being more sustainable or find another planet, because Earth sure has had enough of us misbehaving. This year let’s teach the next generation to live a more sustainable and environment-friendly life so as to save our planet.

Let this new year be one where you teach your kids about making decisions and changes for a more successful and happier life. It might be hard for them to get used to this monotonous lifestyle. Engaging them in activities that will help their brain development is highly necessary.

Little Monks Playlab conducts plenty of workshops that teach children how important it is to do things they love to be happier. These are workshops that can make their future brighter than the Sun and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

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How do you measure your child’s success? grades are not the parameter

How do you measure your child’s success? grades are not the parameter

As parents, we often have the dilemma of whether what we wish for our kids is the best for them, or are we just burdening them with our own expectations. Even when comparisons with other kids come into the picture, the academic and physical performances are the only factors that get considered – and that can affect your child’s self – esteem quite badly. And quite honestly, this esteem is a very crucial development that helps their growth in many aspects of life.

Instead, if you learn to effectively communicate with your children, you can be a key factor in motivating them for all milestones in life. 

Coming back to the premise, when you go about learning the unique ways in which you can teach kids things, whilst upholding their morale – that’s when measuring your kid’s success won’t make them feel discouraged.

Here are some ways how –

Always encourage

When kids feel that everything they do is taken for granted and judged, their will to perform better is riddled with pressure. 

They are still learning, at school, at home, in society, they’re learning how to function with responsibilities – and that itself is something you should let be ignored.

Always encourage the right habits, even if it is thanking when receiving a gift from a guest, or apologising when they commit an error, helping their friends with little tasks. Inculcating this habit will make them realize that their efforts are always appreciated. 

But also, do not discourage them when they fail at achieving a certain grade or lose some competition -this way the communication itself will make them want to try harder and receive the admiration that they crave for.

It’s all about the add-itude

Our young ones have their whole lives ahead of themselves to witness many wins and failures, but when they learn to be grateful – you ensure that they stay motivated on their own.

In that, when they are grieving over some low scores, indulge them in their favourite sport or some art – to reinstate to themselves that their worth is more than a single bad time. 

This will make them understand what they are actually good at and where their actual interests lie, this gratitude for their own worth always makes them thrive for what they wish to become.

Never stop loving them

Sounds pretty vague, but as parents, we often forget that we are the biggest cheer factor our kiddies have in their lives. And we are human too, and it is natural that we set our expectations in override sometimes. And we often turn to tough love in those times.

It might sound harsh, but these negative ways of raising our little ones, really need to be left in the past. We can never withhold our affection towards our kids, period. Even sometimes when we feel they could’ve been better – in their behavior or academic performance; cutting off from them is only going to lead them into a state of frustration and sadness.

And it’s in these trying times, when you take a deep breath, be the guiding figure – and communicate with them, almost always it will help them in learning their lesson and working on it better.

Hope you liked this post as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.

Contact us here and get your kids enrolled to the most awesome programs ever! 

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